Vineyard where the Vignerons d’Alignan-Neffies Cooperative Winery’s AOP Languedoc wines are produced
The winery
Languedoc Roussillon, wines that are characteristic of the region.
From the planting of vines in the 6th century BCE to the Via Domitia wine trade route, and the Canal du Midi, a symbol of the El Dorado of wine, the wines of the Languedoc have a long history.
Nestled in its Mediterranean amphitheatre, the unique character of the Languedoc Roussillon is reflected in its wines.
Cooperative Wineries were formed in the 1930s, when winegrowers realized the benefits of joining forces.
In 1936 the first General Meeting took place offering Alignan du Vent its own cooperative.
80 years later, it has 132 members and 750 hectares of vines that generate 45,000 hectolitres, and 1,600,000 bottles of wine.
Vignerons d’Alignan Neffies is more than a wine, it's a way of life, a bold style, a signature. Thanks to a heritage passed down over centuries, winegrowers are able to cultivate vines and transform their fruit into wine. The wine tells the story of a rich past.

Winegrowers concerned with their environmental impact work according to precise specifications, while maintaining a profound respect for the fruits of the earth.

From selecting the best plots to the latest technology, winegrowers base their work on ancient expertise, from their treatment of the soil to the transformation of the grapes into wine.